A letter about a garden

A tree trunk… 

I still think it´s a beautiful dream and I don´t want to wake up. 

I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland that moment when I came into the garden. This amazing place was full of peace and energy.

The area of the garden and the wine- and agriculture fields around were a sea long time ago. If you just stand in the garden and watch the fields you can still feel the sea, see the waves and smell the sea breeze. And it was easy to find seashells in the fresh dug earth.

Time seemed never existed at this place. The white clouds floating in the clear sky, the sunshine shined through the clouds. The log cabin, the chair on the roof of the log cabin, the abandoned bathtub under the trees, the hammock, the mirror door… everything was on the perfect place. It seemed they were already there for hundreds of thousands of years.

There was a tree trunk standing in the garden. It was a sculpture artwork. There were gaps at both side. 56 horizontals at one side, meant 56 years of marriage. And 8 verticals at the other side, meant 8 kids. And the sun can shine through the gaps which connects the years of marriage with the kids as a symbol of unity. This was one of the most amazing artwork I had ever seen in my life.

The most beautiful moment was when the sunshine came out behind the clouds. While the owner was building a small theatre. He planted tree trunks around the theatre.

I closed my eyes and I felt the temporal and spatial variation. I felt the stillness and eternity of the very moment. It was sacred, and marvelous. I felt I just lived at that very moment, I was a part of the garden, I was enjoying the grace of the sunshine, I got the energy from the sunshine. I was reborn.

After I was back in China, this amazing garden, the energy and the peace never fade away from my mind. I think I will come back again.