A colorful „Italian“… 

I can say that I made the most important choices in my life against the opinions of the most – especially those persons which love me more, because I think that „only you know what is better for you“.

And every time I made a „not conformist choice“ I did not regret – I am who I am, because of these crazy choices.

I am not a great musician, but my love for the music makes me travel. This love keeps me away from the routine, it helps me to meet new people everyday, to hear their stories, to collect advices from them, and to learn about the world from the voices of the humans – in live, not from the social networks, those are just instruments in our hands like a guitar or a car.

I know that as an european citizen the kind of life that I have lived, until now, is not so complicated as in other countries, where you can be killed just because of having a different opinion. But even in Europe it is not easy to be „free“, because the society influences our life, since we were born and as more we want to understand how the world works, as more we feel prisoners of the common opinions.

That is why I think that our „instinct“ is a very powerful instrument in order to follow our happiness : )

We only have one life, and the only way for me to be happy is to follow my „instinct“, and giving my contribution to make this world a bit more happy. I follow my wave, which is – music, and who knows… maybe we will meet.

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Domenico ist ein leidenschaftlicher Musiker, wenn du Glück hast, dann triffst du ihn vielleicht mal auf irgendeiner Straße dieser Welt.