The guy from Down Under and some of his new friends… 

The people of Liuli they are very friendly. More so, if you speak a little bit Swahili. They see you trying to be a part of the culture, living how they do. Everything is slow in Africa. Everyone lives day to day. The mission today ladies and gents, is to survive!

Bring the food to the family table and others. Grow the fruit and vegetables; catch the fish from the lake. Products made by the people, sold to the people. Some people here live off very little money. But they have the support of everyone around. After all everyone here is connected somehow in the family tree. Now all together.

Including myself, there has been times when I have had no money in Liuli. Yet there is always people that will help. Unexpectedly. When people go to offer me something. I am like oh sorry, sorry I have no money to pay, I have ran out, I can’t afford. And then because I have been here, coming up to 3 months, now. People have seen, I guess my kind acts here and there. As they say to me aha. And my lack of care of money. I guess you could say I am the silly person who pays to much a lot of the time here. But it is still cheaper living than back home, in Australia. So why not help support the people of Africa. We are „Mzungu“ not „Mbongo“. So yes I help them, and then they help me. And we all enjoy together.

I feel I have been accepted as a part of the community. I wish I was able to give more than what I gave. So coming back here to Liuli in the future is definitely on my mind. They say don’t worry, we’re all together, now..  „hamna shida toka pamoja“. Haha something like that ; ) I just freestyle it mostly. It is definitely a help each other world here. Sharing, giving and taking.

Me myself, I still have to think that its Africa and not Australia. But then I am also living with Germans. So gosh knows what influence they also have on me haha. And all the rest that have came & gone. It has been a great time. Have made loads of new friends and connections. And most of all I would like to thank Doctor Daniel Ndimbo for…. Basically being my father while I have been in Africa. There were some low lows and some high highs. And Daniel was always there. Asking me all the time how I was doing and if I am doing ok. Taking us on tours all around the Lake Nyasa district. Thank you, thank you. Asante sana!

I think, what I most like about Liuli and Tanzania, is the fact that they all live in the – moment. Be happy be peaceful share stories. Music! Everyone loves music here, an I love the sounds of the traditional Tanzanian music and their „Bongo Flavor“ and of course their Reggae. But most of all sharing all these moments together as a whole.

I don’t think, I am going to realize totally the effects Liuli has had on me, until I go back to the western worlds. Thou I have never felt so much love in one place. And I am going to miss  Liuli when I leave. It has been a nice time. And to all the people that helped me with my Swahili. Thank you, I will be back. Liuli is a wonderful place off the beaten track.


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